TextEdit has a very simple outlining mode, perfect for jotting down quick notes with a bit of structure. To activate it, hit ⌥ + ⇥ while editing an RTF document.

Yet another reminder of the oft forgotten power of TextEdit. Want to know even more TextEdit magic you are likely unaware of? Well, your in luck as I have written about it before (including the outlining feature).

Update: One more thing I forgot to mention. All of this stuff works in anything that uses your Mac’s built in text editing engine. So, for instance, making a note in Yojimbo? Works there. MacJournal? Yep, works there too.

Since I discovered Outline mode in Microsoft Word I have been looking to a simple, lightweight alternative.  I have searched on and off for years, but nothing came close.  Today I finally found out that the humble TextEdit has been sitting under my mouse with the very feature I wanted.

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