ST and SG Voice Switch Pinouts

Hello future self, here is that cool document you created that includes all of the pin-outs for the Mitel ST and legacy ShoreTel SG voice switches. Oh, don’t forget that it references the 25 pair color code.

ST-50A, ST-100A, ST-100DA, ST-24A, ST-48A

SG-30, SG-50/50V, SG-90/90V, SG-220T1A, SG-24A, SG-60/12, SG120/24

ST and SG voice switch pin-outs PDF download

ST and SG Voice switch pin-outs ODS source download

Current Mitel ST (ShoreTel) Voice switches include the ST-50A, ST100A, ST100DA, ST24A, and ST48A.

Legacy ShoreTel SG (ShoreGear) voice switches include the SG-30, SG-50, SG-50V, SG-90, SG-90V, SG-220T1A, SG-24A, SG-60/12, and SG-120/24.