That little green button

The zoom button, or at least that is what it used to be for, has always been a bit odd, but mostly predictable. Clicking that little green button would make a window in OS X zoom to fit the contents being displayed. Now, in Yosemite, the zoom button acts as the fullscreen button. Ever since my move to OS X back in the days of Tiger I quickly developed a disdain for fullscreen apps. One mild annoyance I have noticed in my recent upgrade to Yosemite is that little green button is now the button for making an app fullscreen. However, there are a few workarounds to restore the zoom functionallity to that little green button.

Any seasoned Mac user knows the wonders that the Option key holds. When exploring menus, try holding the Option key and see what other menu options may appear.

  • The first, and most easily discovered workaround for me is to hold the Option key while clicking that little green button, that will restore the zoom functionality.
  • The second workaround I discovered was to double-click the title bar of a window. To make this work, one must open up the Dock System Preferences and be sure to un-check “Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize.
  • And the thrid, and perhaps my favorite workaround, is to set up a trigger in BetterTouchTool. Now I didn’t figure this out on my own, so I shall give credit where credit is due, and link to the instructions I found on Apple Stack Exchange.

The joys of de-branding my phone

At Starbucks, if you have a Starbucks gift card you can sign up to get some free wifi access.  However, to activate your account, you have to click a link in an email, but that can’t be done until you are logged into the wifi and surfing the net.  This is perplexing, but easy to get around when you have an de-branded phone that can tether even when you really shouldn’t because you’re not paying for the plan to do so.

Western Digital has the most time wasting automated phone system I have ever encountered.

It appears that my MacBook’s hard drive is dying. 

This sucks.

Did I really launch that App?

If I’m on my Mac I know, because the icon starts bouncing in the Dock.

If I’m on my computer at work running Windows XP I can never be sure until a splash screen pops up or the app itself shows its window. 

Sometimes I rename files

On my Mac its awesome.  I just click the file, press Enter, and type away, and press Enter when I’m done. 

Sometimes I need to change text from either the front or the back of a file name. 

Again, simple on my Mac. 

If I want to change text on the front of the name, I just click the file, press Enter, and press the left arrow key to put my cursor at the front. 

If I want to change text on the back, I repeat, but press the right arrow key and my cursor is inserted at the end of the file name, before the extension. 


On Windows, a different story exists. 

If I want to change text at the front, I can’t just hit the left arrow key once, I have to either click where I want my cursor to go, or hold the key down. 

Not simple.