Sync iCloud Contacts and Calendars with Thunderbird

There are only two add-ons needed to sync iCloud contacts and Calendars with Thunderbird: Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV and TbSync. Together, both of these add-ons provide everything necessary to enable iCloud Contact and Calendar syncing for Thunderbird.

Setup of both these add-ons is straightforward. In Thunderbird, navigate to Tools -> Add-on Preferences -> TbSync. In the TbSync Account Manager, click Account Actions -> Add Account -> CalDAV & CardDAV. Select iCloud for the account type and follow the wizard to completion.

Once finished, enable the account, and select which calendars and contacts to sync. Be sure to set a synchronization time as well.

Another useful add-on is CardBook. CardBook’s iCloud sync is independent from TbSync. TbSync puts iCloud contacts in the Thunderbird address book, while CardBook uses its own address book which opens in its own tab.

Setting up TRIM under Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is based on Arch Linux, and Arch includes a package "util-linux" which provides two services for TRIM, "fstrim.service" and "fstrim.timer".

From my brief research I found that it is reccomended by the Linux community to run "fstrim" no more than once per week. This is to prevent excessive wear and tear on the SSD.

To enable automatic Trimming, run the following commands in a terminal.

systemctl enable fstrim.timer
systemctl start fstrim.timer

To check the status of "fstrim.timer", run the following command.

systemctl status fstrim.timer

The status output should show:

Active: active (waiting)

That’s it! TRIM is now enabled and will run once per week with the fstrim.timer service.

Source: Arch Wiki – Solid state drive