Did I really launch that App?

If I’m on my Mac I know, because the icon starts bouncing in the Dock.

If I’m on my computer at work running Windows XP I can never be sure until a splash screen pops up or the app itself shows its window. 

Apple Tech Support

Whenever I get off the phone with them I never fail to be happier than before I called.

That’s really saying something.

Bravo Apple, bravo.

Sometimes I rename files

On my Mac its awesome.  I just click the file, press Enter, and type away, and press Enter when I’m done. 

Sometimes I need to change text from either the front or the back of a file name. 

Again, simple on my Mac. 

If I want to change text on the front of the name, I just click the file, press Enter, and press the left arrow key to put my cursor at the front. 

If I want to change text on the back, I repeat, but press the right arrow key and my cursor is inserted at the end of the file name, before the extension. 


On Windows, a different story exists. 

If I want to change text at the front, I can’t just hit the left arrow key once, I have to either click where I want my cursor to go, or hold the key down. 

Not simple.

It’s time to empty the trash

I always like to see what I am going to delete from my computer before I empty the Trash. I think that’s a reasonable request.

On my Mac I simply click the Trash in the Dock and up pops a Finder window of the files I’m about to delete. If I want to save anything, I can; if everything is ready to be tossed I simply click Empty Trash. The Trash empties and the window is closed. Awesome.

Windows, at least XP, doesn’t do that. If I click Empty Recycle Bin, it empties, but now an empty window is left for me to close.

What’s the point of if? I really don’t know. But I do know it makes me love my Mac just that much more.