Whenever I have my MacBook Pro out in public I always get complements and comments about my wallpaper.

When it comes to them, I’m a very hard person to please.  Most wallpaper, I can’t stand for more than 15 minutes.  Others, I’ll use others for weeks, sometimes months at a time. 

(The picture atop this post has been my wallpaper for a few weeks now). 

What draws me to it is that it is such a serene place, photographed at the absolute wrong time.  Most people wouldn’t want to be here with an encroaching storm and the construction that is taking place, yet I find it oddly inviting.  The photo seems to be beckoning me into one of the houses on the hilltop.  I find myself wanting to curl up with a hot cup of Earl Grey Bravo and a good book; to spend the afternoon reading and looking out over the ocean.

I love landscape wallpapers, but if you give me a beautiful beach with a cliché sunset I won’t be able to stand it for more than a day.  Give me something like the above, and who knows when I’ll be able to find a picture suitable enough to take its place.

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