Safari 5 and extensions

When Safari 5 introduced extensions, it gave me a compelling reason to try it out.  I have been a diehard Firefox user since mid 2005 when I discovered the browser during my Windows days, and since it was cross platform, I happily continued using Firefox on my first MacBook.  With the recent releases of Firefox 3.6 becoming slower and more unstable, I began seeking out a new browser, but that’s for another post.  

Here are the current extensions that I find incredibly useful for Safari 5:

AdBlock: The first extension I install in any browser to clean up the web.

SafariRestore: Restores your previous Safari sessions on startup. 

Gentle Status Bar: By far the best looking and behaving fade-away status bar for Safari. Sure, it may not have any options, but it doesn’t need them.

NoMoreiTunes: Prevents iTunes from launching on preview pages.

A Cleaner YouTube: Makes watching videos an eye-pleasing experience.

YouTube Wide: Widens YouTube videos without the extra click.  Absolutely excellent when paired with A Cleaner YouTube.

FaceBlock: Simply blocks Facebook ads.

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